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…that hair needs to be cut specifically for the color you want? Cherri has just returned from NYC where she studied under three of the industries top designers — Kris Sorbie, an International Hairdresser of the Year award winner, a five time nominee in North American Hairdresser’s prestigious Master Stylist category and an ABBIE winner for Best Educator of the Year; Brent Borreson, who has styled for models on the runway in Berlin, Helsinki, Oslo, Barcelona, Miami and New York to name a few and is a recipient of the Mode Mondial and Rising Star awards; and Omar Sassin, who has garnered over 50 national and international awards including The World Olympic Cup of Hairdressing.

The Redken sponsored event was a hands-on, in-depth training session that encompassed all facets of properly cutting hair for the color that is going to be applied and, conversely, coloring hair for the special style that is going to be utilized.

Cutting edge technology has helped designers develop the art of layering color and then cutting to reveal the layers (as opposed to just highlighting with color). This revolutionary new process provides the ability to create hair that moves and shows new dimension with each turn of the head.

“This is not just another styling technique that is part of a fashion trend,” says Cherri, “this is quickly becoming who I am and is defining where I want to go as an artist. It’s about principals that will enrich the work of Mane Street for a long time to come.”
…that hair loss and hair thinning can happen to both men and women? For both men and women the condition that most commonly causes hair loss is called androgenic alopecia and it occurs for the same reasons in both sexes — the presence of the hormone dihydrotestosterone or DHT. DHT causes the hair follicles to shrink, thus cutting of blood and nutrients to the hair shaft.

In men, an abundance of DHT is often hereditary and results in what is commonly called ‘male pattern baldness.’ In women, the presence or increase of DHT can be from many sources including the onset of menopause, surgical procedures or even trauma. The result in women is more of an overall hair loss appearance.

Laser Treatment Therapy has proven helpful in increasing blood flow to hair follicles thus lessening the restriction on the hair shaft. The result is a healthier hair shaft and a healthier head of hair.

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