Your Hair

Your Hair Often Makes Your First Impression

You only have one chance to make a good first impression and very often your hair influences that moment. That’s why a knock-out hairstyle and amazing color can make such a difference in how you are initially perceived. Entering a room with flair is such a confidence booster

And no matter the style you want or the look you are trying to achieve, it all starts with precision cutting and color. The proper cutting technique can make your hair easier to manage, effect the way it takes color and improve its bounce and flow. In the same way, color can be the foundation for styling that is sculpted and defined. Together they can become your personal signature no matter the texture of your hair.

Fine/Limp Hair. There is much that can be done to improve this hair texture that women often feel so frustrated by. First, you can have your hair permanently colored. Colour will add body and fullness to your hair by plumping up the hair follicle. And adding dimensional colour (two or three colors in highlighted layering) will increase even more the look of fullness.

Next you can introduce other measures such as power dose treatments specifically designed for fine hair, and shampoos that are engineered for volume. And of course that all important haircut that can make all the difference in how your hair performs.

Medium Textured Hair. Subtle changes can go a long way in improving this more common of hair textures. The right haircut with the proper angles and layering can open up your face make your hair do things it has never done before.

Conditioning can also be a great asset by improving the ends of your hair so it becomes a lot less heavy and responds to movement and brushing.

Thick/Coarse Hair. Rebellious hair can have a personality all its own and it may not be one you like. Again, the right haircut can do wonders to debulk and soften this kind of hair. Also treatments that include conditioning and hair straightening can make a huge difference in how your hair responds.

If you are visiting Mane Street for the first time, ask your stylist about the best ways to treat your particular hair texture. You will be amazed at the difference some of these steps can mean in how you look.

Hair Services

Bang/back trim 10$
Ladies Haircut & style 40-45$
Mens Haircut &style  21-25$
Wash and Style 25$
Hair color w/ cut & style 95$
Color only 85$
Mens hair color & cut 70$
Olaplex 15$
Highlighting w/ cut starts at 115$
 price varies on length & customization
Straightening 200$
Perm w/ cut 120$
Up-do 60$
Bridal up-do & styling 75$